March 2024


Munjal Shah Leads Hippocratic AI’s Beta-Testing Initiative for Health Care LLM with Key Partners

Munjal Shah, a seasoned entrepreneur in the AI industry, is spearheading the beta-testing phase of Hippocratic AI’s groundbreaking healthcare large language model (LLM). The company, co-founded by Munjal Shah in 2022, is partnering with over 40 providers, health systems, and digital health companies to test its LLM-powered products for nondiagnostic services such as chronic care management and post-discharge follow-up.

Hippocratic AI’s mission is to address the current staffing shortages in the healthcare industry and unlock an era of abundant, safe, high-quality, and personalized care. Munjal Shah believes that generative AI has immense potential to improve healthcare access, equity, and outcomes, and the company is dedicated to ensuring the safety and effectiveness of its technology through rigorous testing and collaboration with healthcare professionals.

The beta-testing phase will focus on voice-based, patient-facing, nondiagnostic tasks, leveraging the LLM’s ability to interact with human users. Hippocratic AI has curated its LLM training set to include evidence-based medical research and feedback from healthcare professionalsresulting in a more focused and accurate model compared to general-purpose LLMs like GPT.

Munjal Shah’s company has reported that its LLM has surpassed GPT-4’s performance across 100heal100 healthcareications, demonstrating the potential of generative AI to transform healthcare. The beta-testing will prioritize chronic care management, post-discharge follow-up, wellness assessment, and updatenology’s accuracy, safety, and integration into existing healthcare.

Key partners in the beta-testing initiative include Memorial Hermann Health System, University of Vermont Health Network, Fraser Health, and Side Health. Feby Abraham, Ph.D., executive vice president and chief strategy and innovations officer for Memorial Hermann, believes that the technology can help with workforce shortages by taking on basic tasks to support workflows, such as providing preoperative instructions or post-discharge checkups.

The University of Vermont Health Network is particularly proud to participate as a rural healthcare provider, aiming to develop new technology that supports patients’ unique needs and reduces health disparities. Jessica Moschella, senior VP for high-value care at the network, emphasizes the importance of involving ruralhealthcaree providers in the development process to ensure the tool’s effectiveness, efficiency, and safety for patients nationwide.

Munjal Shah and Hippocratic AI are committed to collaborating with medical experts, as evidenced by the formation of advisory councils composed of physicians, nurses, and administrators. The company has received significant funding, totaling $67 million, from investors such as General Catalyst and Andreessen Horowitz, reflecting the enthusiasm for LLM-poweLLM-powered healthcarens.

As Hippocrhealthcareresses through its beta-testing phase and beyond, Munjal Shah’s efforts serve as a leading example of the potential role of generative AI in healthcare, healthcare integration of AI into healthcare with healthcare ongoing scrutiny, adaptation, and dialogue among all stakeholders to ensure that technological advancements serve the best interests of patients and providers alike.

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